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Frank has been working as a passionate, creative floral designer, all over the world, for more than 30 years. Having run a beautiful flower shop from the former Postoffice building in the artistic town of Ootmarsum for many years, he has now created a world of silk flowers in his gallery
on the banks of the Korte Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

Frank Groniger’s gallery offers more than simply the chance to buy a bouquet; it is a true experience! 
Frank’s enthusiasm, creativity and ambition transforms every wish into stunning reality.

Silk flowers are a more sustainable alternative to fresh ones and with all the different
combinations it is possible to create a unique atmosphere for everyone.

Frank's silk flowers are an addition to your interior that will last for years,
so invest now in the future of flowers.


Behind every new door, you’ll be surprised by Frank’s signature floral flair
- making the world a little more colourful.

Flowers for life!

Frank Groniger, Gallery Amsterdam
Frank Gröniger makes beautiful creations,
so realistic that they even fool the butterflies! 
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